Tournament Dollar Exchange
Sell PokerStars T$ & T€

Complete the form below to sell PokerStars tournament dollars (or T€) for cash. All trades are completed instantly.

Trades are automated and available 24/7.

Trade Support

Listed below are complete step by step instructions for completing a successful trade with If you need additional help, please contact us.

Step 1

Accurately fill out and submit the trade on our trade calculator. When you submit your trade information, our system will submit the exact information on Pokerstars. You must then submit the exact information to pokerstars. Please see step 2 for instructions on how to do so.

Step 2

1. Login to your PokerStars software.

2. Go to the “Requests” menu

3. Select “Trade T$/W$”, then “Sell T$/W$” or “Buy T$/W$”

4. Select T$ or W$
5. Put PSSwap into the “Sell to”/”Buy from” field.

6. Put the amount of T$ or W$ you are selling/buying.
7. Put in the price of the transfer as calculated when you made the transaction request above.
8. Submit the request by clicking “OK”

Trade Security

It is NOT possible to be scammed when trading Pokerstars tournament money (T$). All trades are completed by Pokerstars.

Pokerstars have built in a tournament money trading feature into the software.


Unlike sending and receiving real money transfers, nobody has to send first. Therefore, you do not have to worry if the person on the other end will hold up their end of the agreement.

  • Both the buyer and the seller have to enter EXACT matching trade information.
  • There can be no mistakes this way. If the trade terms do not match, either nothing will happen or you will receive an error stating the terms of the trade do not match

  • The buyer or the seller does not have the funds or T$ to complete the agreed upon trade.
  • If you try to sell more T$ than you actually have, you will receive an error from Pokerstars stating that you have insufficient funds. If you try to buy more T$ than you have funds in your Pokerstars cashier to pay for, you will receive an error of insufficient funds.

  • Legitimate funds.
  • If the buyer or seller has funds that have not been cleared from a recent deposit, you will receive an error to contact Pokerstars support. The trade will not be completed. This is similar to real money transfers. You can not send uncleared funds.

  • Trading with
  • We only need to obtain the information from you required to complete a trade. The required information consists of your Pokerstars username and the amount of T$ you want to buy or sell. We don't even take your email address. We're not in the spam business. We trade Pokerstars tournament dollars. That's all we do.




    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are PokerStars T$?
    When you qualify to any event through a satellite, you have the option to unregister from the target event and receive Tournament Dollars. These Tournament Dollars can be used to register in any other PokerStars tournament, including Sit & Gos, and satellites.
    Can I sell step tickets?
    You cannot sell step tickets. Tickets in general are non transferable. You have to be able to un register from the target event. When you un register, your T$ balance will be reflected in the Pokerstars cashier.
    What are the payment options when buying T$?
    In order to prevent fraud, the ONLY way to buy T$ is with money from your Pokerstars account. Pokerstars has to receive 2 matching orders to buy/sell tournament dollars. When they get matching orders, Pokerstars makes the exchange of T$ and cash between accounts.
    How long does the trade process take?
    Our system will enter the trade on our end within 1 minute of you completing and submitting a trade on our rate calculator. As soon as Pokerstars receives 2 matching trade requests, the trade is completed instantly. The faster you submit the trade info to Pokerstars, the faster the trade is completed.

    Contact us

    • Please use a REAL email address so that we can get back to you.
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